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Mask Spray

Keep it fresh. Breathe in and relax.

Daily Use

Take it on the go

For a quick lift in your day.

“Wow! I love the scent of this mask spray! After wearing and talking with a mask on for most of my waking hours, it is so nice to freshen up my mask throughout the day! It's an awesome product!”

Lori S. - Realtor

Since Covid began, I had been looking for something like this. It’s “the breathe spray” for masks. My masks don't have to washed as often. I would like a refill soon!

Dennis K. - Property Manager

I use mask spray for work and on the go. I like to spray it on my hands and my mask.

Kendra E. - Pastry Chef

“We love being able to spray our masks after each use; the comfort it provides knowing we can clean them conveniently and quickly between uses. And the smell is fantastic. My husband and I are both huge fans. I carry it everywhere “

Nicole M. - Social Worker

This mask spray was fantastic. I often need to wear hours at a time for work and the smell can be tough. The spray makes it a pleasant experience. I use it for my eye mask at night too!

Jean P. COO

The product is so soothing on all levels.

Mari N. HR professional


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Bring more nature into your life.

We believe that nature is healing. We make non-toxic, non-synthetic, ethically sourced, nature based products.